DAVE is a general framework which can be used for many purposes. In this section we list tests that confirm that DAVE delivers the outcome that is to be expected based on either an analytical solution, common sense or other software.

These documents are produced using the PDF export option of jupyter lab. The source notebooks can be found in the public repository, so you can download and run them yourself if you want.

Hydrostatics of rectangular bargepdflinkCalculation of CoB, BM for a simple shape
CoB comparison to DELFTshippdflinkCalculation of CoB for a complex but good looking shape
Stability calculation comparison to GHSpdflinkCalculation of GM and stability curves including slack tanks. Thanks to Rob Hoekstra from seacamel for supplying the GHS model and results.
GM calculation for single crane liftstodotodohttps://www.open-ocean.org/vessel-stability/
Catenary with stiff wirespdflinkCatenary with rigid bodies and cables
Catenary using hinged bodiespdflinkCatenary with rigid bodies with reduced degrees of freedom and a 6D connector

We need more of these tests. If you have or know of any reference that can be used to verify DAVE and are able to share those publicly then please contact me at dave@open-ocean.org or create a pull request at at https://github.com/RubendeBruin/DAVE-notebooks.