This website is mainly about DAVE and all software that can be used together with DAVE. This section gives a list of that software.


Blender is a 3D modeling package. It is used for:

  • Making meshes for buoyancy calculations
  • Making visuals for assets
  • Producing renders (many of the images on this website are produced using blender).

If you have used Blender before 2019 then you may have bad memories about its usability. But, good news! The blender UI has been upgraded and is now just as easy as any other 3D package.


Capytaine is a python BEM solver for linear potential flow, based on Nemoh. It can be used to create hydrodynamic data for wave interaction.


MaFreDo stands for Marine Frequency Domain and is a python package for book-keeping of frequency domain related data such as RAOs, wave-spectra and hydrodynamic databases. MaFreDo was developed together with DAVE.


CPP libraries

Python libraries