DAVE is a work in progress (wip).

The roadmap below indicates which features are available and which are planned.

Bending moment calculationscomplete
Wind forcescomplete
Axis systems and general coordinatescomplete
Weight and inertiacomplete
Points and Circlescomplete
CablescompleteNo mass, can run over sheaves.
Optional support of weight
Linear Beamscomplete
Shape based buoyancycomplete
Connectors 2d, 6d and hydrostaticcomplete
Fluid tankscompleteShape based tanks with user defined volume of fluid. Full support of free surfaces
Jointscompletevia degrees of freedom in general coordinate system
Forcecompleteglobal forces only
Analytic catenarynot started
Contact modelcompleteContact mesh and contact-balls – compatible with anysim fenderball
Static equilibrium solvingcomplete
Construction GUIcomplete
Explore GUIworksMulti-parameter optimizations to be added
Stability GUIcomplete
Framework GUInot startedFor constructing frames using beam elements
Rigging GUIin progressRigg-it-right added and functional
Slings added
Shackles added
Grommets still todo
Ballasting GUIworkssome minor fine-tuning needed
Automatic ballastingworksto be optimized further, see issue #4
GUI Mode shapesworksworks but not validated
Frequency domain responseready for testingwork in progress.
Damping not implemented
Combination of RAO and full wave spectrumnot startedvia MaFreDo
Jupyter supportoperationalWorks in Jupyter labs and Jupyter notebooks
Support for blender renders to be added
Export to BlenderworksWorks, including animations
Import from Capytaineworks via MaFreDo