Equilibrium core is the default engine driving DAVE. It is the core module that takes care of the geometric calculations, forces and finding equilibrium.

Unlike DAVE, the equilibrium core is not an open-source component. It is closed source and is (will be) available under a commercial license. It is my intention to keep it as free as possible for as many people as possible. But since the offshore industry is not a large contributor of to the open-source community, and I need to eat as well and kite as well, it will most probably not be free for use for commercial purposes.

At this moment the Equilibrium core is still in beta and can be downloaded and used for FREE. The current version will work until July 2020.

The core consists of a single file: pyo3d.pyd which is a compiled python module.

It can be downloaded and installed automatically by DAVE or can be obtained and installed manually from here:

python 3.7https://open-ocean.org/files/pyo3d.pyd
python 3.8 https://open-ocean.org/files/pyo3d.cp38-win_amd64.pyd