A quick and easy way to get started with DAVE is by downloading the Graphical User Interface.

This is a stand-alone windows application. This is a portable version meaning that no administrator rights are needed to install and run the program.

Use the fancy button below to start the download.

Alternatively, for example if downloading .exe files is not allowed, you can download the package as .zip instead. In that case you need to extract its contents and run DAVE.exe.

After installing you can start playing or refer to the manual for some guidance.


  • For power-users it is still recommended to install DAVE as a python package as this enables using DAVE in combination with jupyter or integrate it into other engineering workflows.
  • Downloading and running things from the internet comes with risks. The MD5 hash of the installer executable is: 0da19210254c3e44bcd5abf7875342d7