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  • PyMeshUp
    PyMeshUp gives you an easy way to create or modify meshes using a script. It is aimed at modelling vessels … Read more
  • Orcaflex / Debugging external functions / conda
    These are some steps to get orcaflex and conda to work together. By default they don’t, but with some hacking … Read more
  • DAVE version 1.8
    DAVE version 1.8 adds the following features: Limits and unity-checks: Components: Wind and current areas:
  • A practical guide to modeling vessels for offshore operations using Orcaflex
    Many offshore operations can be modeled using first order time domain analysis. Setting up the vessels for such a model … Read more
  • DAVE GUI [standalone, portable]
    A quick and easy way to get started with DAVE is by downloading the Graphical User Interface. This is a … Read more
  • Fixing meshes
    DAVE uses meshes for calculation of buoyancy and tank volumes. These meshes have to be clean and coherent. No holes, … Read more
  • The making of xmas 2020
    The xmas2020 Christmas card was prepared in DAVE and finalized with Blender. The tug is the the Husky with a … Read more
  • DAVE version 1.5
    Export to orcaflex Documentation Beams and catenaries Marine: Carene tables, conversion of shape-based buoyancy to linear springs Documentation The documentation … Read more
  • Orcaflex export teaser
  • Release 1.4 – Tanks and thanks
    Release 1.4 Features: Tanks with a free fluid surface are now available. They work in the same way as buoyancy … Read more
  • Update of Naming conventions
    Following other technology companies and in light of recent events the technical terminology of master/slave has been changed to main/secondary. … Read more
  • Reporting and Jupyter Lab
    Designing something awesome is fun. But there comes a time when you need to report and document what you did … Read more
  • DAVE 1.3 release
    DAVE 1.3 has been released. This is a major update with the focus on rigging design and reporting. This post … Read more
  • Spyder
    Spyder (link) is a popular IDE for working with python. I personally recommend using jupyter lab instead of spyder because … Read more
  • Vessel stability 2
    This is the second article about stability of heavy lifts and transports. This one covers loads that are suspended in … Read more
  • Vessel stability 1
    “What is the stability of a vessel during lifting or other operations?” A very valid question. And one to which … Read more
  • Contact model
    A first step in modelling of contact has been added to DAVE and the equilibrium core. As of this moment … Read more
  • Conda-forge / python 3.8
    As of this moment, DAVE is available on conda-forge and a python 3.8 version of pyo3d has been added. Installation … Read more
  • Pendulums
    Pendulums are often used as example to explain simple dynamic problems. They look simple and it is easy to make … Read more
  • It moves!
    Frequency domain calculations can be used to calculate the first order wave response of systems. The resulting RAOs can be … Read more
  • Rigging
    DAVE supports non-zero diameter cables running over sheaves or round-surfaces. This allows for super accurate modelling of rigging geometry as … Read more
  • Getting started
    DAVE runs on python. So before you able to run DAVE you will need to install python. How to do … Read more
  • Meshing with Blender
    Blender is a 3D tool that is primarily developed for arts. Nevertheless it is usable for editing meshes for engineering … Read more
  • Hello world!
    Welcome to It is still a bit wet and soft, as one would expect… But we’re open for business! … Read more
  • Merry Christmas
    This Christmas card was produced with DAVE using Capytaine for the hydrodynamic database and Blender for the rendering. Would you … Read more