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  • Conda-forge / python 3.8
    As of this moment, DAVE is available on conda-forge and a python 3.8 version of pyo3d has been added. Installation of dave can now be done using: conda install -c conda-forge dave However, installation of mafredo and vtkplotter are still via pip. And installation of pyo3d is still via a manual download link. Full installation … Read more
  • Pendulums
    Pendulums are often used as example to explain simple dynamic problems. They look simple and it is easy to make one using random stuff from your office. Inertia of a pendulum is the mass of whatever you decide to swing around and the spring term is taken care of by gravity. The resulting natural period … Read more
  • It moves!
    Frequency domain calculations can be used to calculate the first order wave response of systems. The resulting RAOs can be exported but, more importantly, the frequency domain response can be synthesized to a time-domain response which can be visualized instantly. This tells the average user much more about the expected response of the system than … Read more
  • Rigging
    DAVE supports non-zero diameter cables running over sheaves or round-surfaces. This allows for super accurate modelling of rigging geometry as shown in the following movie.
  • Getting started
    DAVE runs on python. So before you able to run DAVE you will need to install python. How to do this is written here or watch the video of the installation on a fresh windows-10 system. Any issues? Leave a message below and we'll try to help.
  • Meshing with Blender
    Blender is a 3D tool that is primarily developed for arts. Nevertheless it is usable for editing meshes for engineering purposes as well. In this post I will give some tips and tricks for meshing with Blender. It is assumed that you already have followed a basic tutorial on Blender, for example the ones found … Read more
  • Hello world!
    Welcome to It is still a bit wet and soft, as one would expect… But we're open for business! On this website you will find everything about DAVE and the software that can be used together with it as well as some more educational blogs about either marine engineering related items such as hydrostatic … Read more
  • Merry Christmas
    This Christmas card was produced with DAVE using Capytaine for the hydrodynamic database and Blender for the rendering. Would you like to know how? Then leave a comment and maybe I'll do a "making of" video.